Everyday we hear the latest and greatest in foods, vitamins and minerals. Us humans have the ability to speak out when we are experiencing uncomfortable feelings physically and mentally, but our dogs do not. 
Food, vitamins and minerals are just as important to our animals as they to us humans. It’s not something most pet owners think about, but its definitely a subject that should not go unspoken. We choose quality food products to feed our families and friends and keep in mind our overall well being and health. It’s vital to not only humans, but to animals as well, to maintain a well balanced diet that contains our vitamins and minerals needed.

As our bodies age, it naturally goes through changes. It no longer makes enough of certain “ingredients”, if you will, that is necessary through out our years on earth. That is why we supplement. Supplementing what our bodies need will help lower risk of early onset diseases, and therefore give us a more healthy fulfilling life. While supplementing is not fool proof and does not guarantee a long disease or pain free life, it definitely increases our odds. So, why not help our loving pets throughout their journey as well?

There are many vitamins and minerals available for our animals. Most pet stores will carry an abundance of brands and items. Before you play the guessing game on what they may or may not need, it’s wise to consult your veterinarian first, and then go from there. Remember, as our bodies age, we tend to need more supplements then we did when we were younger. 

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