Spring Time and Your Pooch!

Spring Time and Your Pooch! The snow is finally melting, the breeze is warming up, and flowers are starting to bloom! However, its not all sunshine […]

Your Pooches Nail Care

Your Pooches Nail Care Your dogs nail care is just as important if not more important than your own nail care! The basic rule of thumb […]

De-Skunk Your Dog!

De-Skunk Your Dog! The horror! Your dog has been skunked.  What do you do?  The most effective solution is mixed from things you probably already have […]

Fun Dog Facts!

Fun Dog Facts! Panting: Dogs pant rapidly (300-400 times a minute) to help cool themselves down. 30-40 breaths a minute is typical for a comfortable dog.All […]

Don’t Ignore A Problem!

Don’t Ignore A Problem! I just listened to a story of someone living next to a person who had 3 dogs and 2 cats, and decided […]

Camping With Your Dog

 Camping With Your Dog Preparing for your trip First and foremost ensure that the camping location you are planing to stay at allows dogs and familiarize […]

Summer Heat and Your Dog

Summer Heat and Your Dog Summer weather may be beautiful for us humans most of the time, however its a different story for your pooch. Heatstroke […]

Is Your Dog Over Weight?

Is Your Dog Over Weight? I have found this topic to be quite the debate amongst vets, dog owners, and the general public. While one person […]
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